Talent Management Services

If people are your biggest asset, isn’t it time to take a PROACTIVE approach to securing and retaining them?

Our suite of Talent Management Services goes beyond just the recruitment of new team members, and works proactively ahead of time to support your long-term vision and plan. It puts into place strategies, plans, and even trainings to help support you and your team to thrive, so that you position yourself as an attractive workplace for new talent for when you are ready.

And then we help you plan and succeed in finding your next hire.

And then the next.

Then the next.

When it comes to talent acquisition, there are two ways to approach the task: reactively and proactively.

  • A reactive approach is the old school way, and sadly the way the majority of recruitment agencies still operate. They are briefed by a client, and they start from ‘ground zero’, initiating a one-way conversation with a small pool of available talent, via a job ad. This process restricts the talent pool to only those who are actively looking, then further restricts it to those actively looking who happen to see a job ad. Then, IF you manage to identify and engage a potential candidate, you are in competition with everyone else they have sent a resume to.
  • A proactive approach involves engaging with potential candidates on an ongoing basis, even when you don’t need them, so that when you do, there’s a pool of people you already know, who know you.

The vast majority of organisations simply do not have the resources, or the inclination, to do this themselves – so how can you benefit from it, without doing it yourself?

You do it with Talent Management Services by Talent United.

Workforce Planning

The Workforce Planning component, like the name suggests, provides you with an overall strategy and vision for your workforce for the year ahead. This is created in collaboration with our Director, Gary Banks, who can help you get clear on your business needs, as well as those needs in relation to the market.

Talent Pooling

Talent Pooling is the ongoing management of the ever-evolving talent pool of candidates that you would need to hire multiples over a 12 month period. This involves building relationships with candidates who are in what we call the ‘cool’ market; they’re not actually looking, but we’ve been able to pique their interest about your role. The ‘Talent Pool’ is always fluid, as candidates come in and potentially find other opportunities if they’re not snapped up soon enough.

For Talent Pooling to be truly effective, we need to build relationships with talent and communities of people. These are people who we may not place for many months, and that takes time. So the sooner the pooling is implemented, the better, especially if the pooling is aligned with your future workforce planning.

Employee Value Proposition

We help create what the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is for our clients, to ensure the opportunities attract the right people. Most firms have weel-defined branding for their clients, yet very few of them have the same thing that is directed towards potential new employees.


Matched against briefs, our team can undertake an initial screen of your high volumes of applicants, leaving only those who are suitable in the mix to be processed, professionally rejecting the others on behalf of the organisation.

Sniper Searching

When you partner with us, you gain access to globally-recognised sourcing expertise. Using world-leading sourcing technology for unique data search and talent mapping, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of candidate options.

  • Customised talent search strategies: We develop tailored strategies to align with your unique requirements and industry landscape, ensuring we uncover candidates that are otherwise very challenging to find.
  • Best-of-breed technology applications: Using OSINT strategies, we can access the 90% of information on the web that basic internet doesn’t reach.
  • Extensive industry knowledge: Our sourcing specialists know sourcing, enabling them to understand the nuances and challenges to searching within your sector, so they are able to move through more efficiently.
  • Advanced search techniques: Leveraging talent mapping and qualified data searches, we employ advanced sourcing techniques to identify high-calibre candidates who may be overlooked by traditional recruitment resourcing methods.
  • Pro-active candidate engagement: We don’t just find candidates, we actively vet them to ensure that in the list of matching candidates and details you receive from us, you’ll know who is ready and waiting for you to call them about the role you have on.

Retained & Contingent Recruitment

Talent United work on a retained basis for the majority of our individual recruitment assignments, and on an exclusive basis on the rest. We have access to a number of other specialist recruiters who may be able to assist on general contingent assignments, although this is not a preference.

Leadership Training

Many businesses run the risk of focusing only on the technical skills when hiring for management positions. While these skills are certainly needed, and likely what your candidates will have spent years honing and focusing on, managing and leading requires a whole different set of skills. We’ve noticed this in many of our clients, so have created a solution for this too.

We’ve partnered in-house with a leadership trainer and facilitator delivering a program that equips your team with the skills they need to excel in their role and build a positive organisational culture. Ensuring your team members gain a clearer understanding of their leadership style and how they can move forward with it, this course covers essential topics such as emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and ethical leadership.

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